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Benchmark Models, is one of the leading and professional Indian Modeling Agency based in Mumbai with a large database of Indian male and female models. Indian kids models and character models available for casting and coordination in Indian glamour industry. We are provide opportunities in TV commercials, TV serials, Regional and Hindi films, Print ads and other glamour related modeling and acting assignments. We are associated with the most reputed Indian production houses in Mumbai and professional models portfolio photographers to provide best quality models portfolio by well known and professional fashion photographer. Talent management and promotion of all categories of models, Indian modeling agencies and models coordinator in India, acting and grooming courses in Mumbai, modeling and acting training for new models, modeling and acting classes and grooming courses in Bombay. We welcome new comers,out stationed models from various cities, Delhi, Kolkata, Jaipur, Punjab, Haryana and other states of India, also from various countries to make their career in India film and model industry.

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